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I really wanted to save my marriage however my husband did not seem like he wanted the same.  I love him but he is so stubborn.  We had been having issues for years and ignoring the issues was not making things any better.  I asked him to go to counseling with me and he told [...]

Online Life Coach

Finding an online life coach was pretty easy for me.  I prefer to things online because my life is so busy and hectic that I simply do not have the time to see someone in person.  I looked around online and was able to find some great and free help at At one time [...]

Online Marriage Counseling

A little over 40% of first marriages end in divorce. This number increases with subsequent marriages! Further, many more “intact” marriages are “unhappy” ones. Sometimes spouses will try to resolve their difficulties with counseling. Fortunately for some there is an increasingly available opportunity to engage therapy through online marriage counseling. I say fortunately because for some, traditional marriage counseling is not appealing or simply there are barriers that get in the way.

You may wonder what online marriage counseling looks like. There are various forms. Couples can utilize email, individual chat, combined chat, internet phone calls, or video conferencing. For the couples who are having great difficulty discussing topics together, and need a way to move towards more direct conversation at a later date, email online marriage counseling is fantastic, as well as individual online chat sessions (with the other spouse having theirs’ at a different time). Email therapy also makes it easier for couples who both work and would otherwise have difficulties coordinating three schedules (the counselor has a schedule too!). Individual and couples chat, internet phone calls, and video conferencing allow for immediate feedback and response to what it being discussed. Waiting for email responses when sensitive issues are being explored can be difficult for some. The mode of online marriage counseling chosen really should depend on the individual preferences of the spouses. The counselor should be able to help the couple determine what is best for their situation.


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